Today, Monday 21st of November, is taking place the «Jornada de Comunicación» at the Faculty of Communication Science of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

The theme of the day will be «La Aventura de Vivir». During this event, various subjects will be discussed by different well known journalists but also teachers.

The programme is long and varied. Thus, students are shown diverse perspectives and experiences of experts who have made their mark in travel and adventure journalism, such as Rosa María Calaf and Miguel Ángel Tobías.

About our guests…

Rosa María Calaf

She is a Spanish journalist, reporter and news anchor. She has received numerous prizes for her work. Her lifelong commitment for journalism began in 1972 as correspondent of Televisión Española.

Source: Casa Mediterráneo

Miguel Ángel Tobías

He is a Spanish film and documentary producer and director. One of his recent works is the documentary «El Camino Interior».

Source: Planeta de Libros

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