Travel guide through Belgium’s must-visit cities

Discover Brussels

Considered the heart of the European Union, Brussels is much more than just a capital city. Both bilingual and independent, Brussels has a unique cultural brazing, positioning itself after Dubai, as the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Indeed nearly 40% of residents do not have Belgian nationality !

While it is best known for its political importance, notably through NATO, the city also shines for its culinary renown and atypical monuments. If you had in mind that the famous French fries are French, erase this idea, you may get angry with an entire country! Indeed, the fries are Belgian, and if the history of its origin differs, one thing is sure it is a specialty. A Belgian family, for example, consumes on average 16 kg of fries per year! If you want to try the authentic experience, I advise you to go through the Maison Antoine in the place jourdan or Frit’ Flagey. If the exterior does not look good, think again, they are considered by many locals as the best in the city ! What would Belgium be without its beers? Considered as Belgian intangible cultural heritage, Belgian beer is an institution in Brussels with many varieties. If you want to soak it up, we advise you to visit the Delirium, a bar offering more than 2000 beers ! To finish our culinary tour, you can not miss the Brussels waffle, if it differs from its Liège counterpart. Brussels waffles are airy and tasty. It is eaten hot and covered with toppings of all kinds. Our favorite spot? “Le Funanmbule”! 

Once you have tasted the Brussels specialities, we recommend that you stroll through the winding streets of the city center. Explore these cobbled streets and discover the Manneken-pis, a Belgian institution, just a stone’s throw from the waffle shop! You can also visit his tailor located next door, do not be surprised by these outfits, the Manneken-pis is always dressed according to the event of the day. 

Then go to La Grand-Place, considered the most beautiful square in the world according to Victor Hugo, it was listed in 1998 as a UNESCO heritage site. Then take a stroll to la Bourse, which has recently completed its renovation work and lose yourself in its streets rich in history. If you wish to discover other monuments, we advise you to take a step at the “ Le Palais Royal “,»Le Parc du Cinquantenaire» or the «Atomium«. Finally, if you want to end your day with shopping, go down Avenue Louise from «la Porte de Namur» to «Place Stéphanie».


Travel further north in Belgium to the beautiful city of Antwerp. Just 40min from Brussels you will find yourself in this vibrant city. Arriving by train is a must, both for ecological reasons and for the arrival at the worth seeing Antwerp Central station. Designed in 1836, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful architecture of this building. As Belgium’s fashion capital, Antwerp offers a huge selection of shopping, with something for everyone. Both large chains, which can be found on the Meir, and Antwerp Designers and high-end houses in the neighborhood  “De Modewijk” can be found there. Don’t forget to visit the fashion museum as well. 

Then stroll to the Vreemdelingenmarkt, which is the hotspot for the foodies among us, to taste fresh local delicacies.

Afterwards, take a walk or rent a bicycle to cycle along the water along the quays; towards the t’ Eilandje area, where the MAS is located, another museum.

End the day at the place with the most ambiance in Antwerp, Marnixplaats. In terms of food, Antwerp offers a wide range of different cuisines. Atmosphere guaranteed in any restaurant, but Fiskebar is highly recommended if you are a fan of seafood. If you are still not tired of this city, I recommend having one last drink in the cozy bar Matterhorn Süd.


If you are in Belgium, you cannot miss a visit to the beautiful city ‘Bruges’. The historic center is classified as a medieval town on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is egg-shaped and about 430 hectares in size. The city has approximately 120 thousand inhabitants who speak «West Flemish”, a dialect of Flemish, the language spoken in the northern part of Belgium. A visit to this city along the various historic facades, gates, churches, and monasteries will take you back to the Middle Ages. Take a boat trip on the canals, climb the Belfry Tower for a 360 view and photograph ‘the Rozenhoedkaai’.

For lunch, visit «t’Walpoortje» for the best shrimp croquettes in Bruges. This Bruges specialty is known as the famous Belgian ‘croquette’ but filled with fresh shrimps from the Belgian coast. Still fancy something sweet afterwards? Be sure to visit ‘The Chocolate Line’, the best chocolatier in Bruges, run by the famous figure ‘Dominique Persoone’.

If you want to explore the city in a different way, you can take a trip in a Bruges horse-drawn carriage, driven by a local guide, after your visit to the Belfry Tower.

End the day in a local restaurant on one of the pleasant squares and enjoy Belgian specialties such as ‘stew meat’, ‘Vol au vent’ accompanied by a ‘Brugse Trippel’, a beer brewed in one of the old breweries in Bruges.

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